To join a row you must become a member of the Rondout Rowing Club (See JOIN) or, if visiting for that row, pay a guest fee of $25. You will need to sign a USRowing waiver online (cost $9.75).

Please arrive 15 minutes before a row is scheduled, as a courtesy to the other rowers and the organizers.

For the 2018 rowing season,
  • For all updates or changes to the rowing schedule, please check NEWS AND POSTS.
  • Weekday mornings, Monday through Friday, there is a 6 AM row. If you would like to be on the list to receive daily emails regarding the row the following day, contact Bill at
  • Weekend mornings, there is a row at 8 AM both Saturday and Sunday. If you would like to get on the weekend email list and/or row on a particular day, contact Tim at
  • While afternoon rows are regularly scheduled for the following, be sure to check the website for updates and for other days and times under NEWS AND POSTS
    • Monday 5:30 PM – Michael Beames, organizer. Just show up.
    • Tuesday 5:30 PM – COACHED ROW for novices and anyone who is interested.  For experienced rowers, this is a good opportunity to log volunteer hours in addition to getting to row.
    • Wednesday 5:30 PM – Julie Lennon, organizer, at

To find out more about the rowing schedule or events, check NEWS AND POSTS or email

9 Responses to Schedule

  1. Carlos Perez says:

    Row tonight 8/9/18 at 5:30pm. Email and let me know if you are attending.


  2. hulal says:

    Linda M and Muffin will have the Swift double out Sunday, August 5 from 6:15 to 8am.


  3. Carlos Perez says:

    Hi folks sorry for the late notice but I am going to have to cancel today’s row. I’m unavailable tonight. I will post regarding next Thursday’s row. Thanks for your understanding



  4. Muffin says:

    Double reserved for 6:16 a.m. on Sunday 7/29/18 by Linda and Muffin


  5. hulal says:

    Go Carlos! Go Nelsie!


  6. Carlos Perez says:

    Hi Folks,
    Just wanted to send a message to let you know that I will be racing the matrix at the overpeck sprints tomorrow in New Jersey. I plan on rowing this afternoon and loading the boat and returning it either tomorrow night or Sunday morning. I’m racing in two events at 8:12AM and then again at 4:30 PM. Nelsie will also be racing in her boat. Wish us luck and Go RRC!!!! any questions feel free to email me at

    Carlos Perez


  7. Diana kuster says:

    I would like to row this morning 8 am if there is room


  8. hulal says:

    Double reserved for Saturday 7/14 6:15 AM for Linda and Muffin.


  9. Linda Moriarty says:

    Double reserved for 6am Sunday July 8 by Muffin and Linda


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