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In order to join the Rondout Rowing Club you must:

  1. Be at least 12 years of age
  2. Complete the swim test (or have an entity certify your swimming ability).
  3. Complete a Learn to Row course. Learn To Row flyer You may take it with us (generally held early June) or another qualified organization, currently or in the past.
  4. View the US Rowing video about rowing safety
  5. Obtain a Club coach’s signature indicating that the rower has basic capability to row and is familiar with the Club’s safety rules.
  6. Register as a member of USRowing and sign a waiver. Go to and sign a waiver to our club. Rondout Rowing Club code is MRLHA. Basic Membership can be had by simply signing up and doing the waiver (fee is $9.75). If you have a problem registering with USRowing or doing your waiver, please send an email to or call (800) 314-4ROW (4769) or  (609) 751-0700.
  7. Register as a member of the club through Regatta Central and pay the dues appropriate for your type of membership. To do so, go to At the top, click on “clubs.” Scroll down and click on “Rondout Rowing Club,” then click on “Memberships.” Select and pay for the type of membership that meets your needs.

Please note that the club spends a large sum of money to insure our rowers but we must have an “accurate” online roster to validate the  insurance.  You should not be rowing if you have not registered and signed a waiver. For addition information about how to join the club, or if you are having problems registering or completing the waiver, please email

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