Workbee: Fri., Sept 23rd, 2016, 7:30am

1 Fix Suzuki safety launch motor throttle and propeller   <done>
2 Do Alden fiberglass work
3 Identify  oars needing buttons and or collars and adjust
4 Identify oars needing painting and paint
5 Fix oar with wooden handle
6 Renumber oars
7 Apply red and green tape to oars (port/starboard)
8 Identify sculls to be discarded and discard  (save blades)
9 Identify sweeps to be discarded and discard (save blades)
10 Locate someone to repair coxbox wiring and get cost
11 Identify 8’s that need painting
12 Identify 4’s that need painting
13 Figure out how to fix boat cart
14 Determine horses that should be discarded and discard  <done>
15 Schedule removal(?) of Yellow 4+ and Kaschper
16 Purchase Coxed Quad and store where Yellow 4+ is now <under discussion>
17 Order Erg Performance Monitors and install  <October>
18 Fix loose screws on docks    <???>
19 Weedwack areas around barn and museum    <done>
20 Organize monthly work bees –