West Point Boathouse Directions

Please be aware that they like to give drivers tickets in West Point, drive slowly  safely. FROM KINGSTON                                         

-Get on 9W South and stay on it until you pass Stom King  at which point you
need to watch for an EXIT  to Highland Falls, the sign will say “West Point”
and under it “Highland Falls“, you will also see a Route 218 sign, take this exit
-You will circle left over 9W and come to a stop sign, there make a right onto Mountain
Road which is Route 218)
-Once in the village of Highland Falls you will reach a stop at Main Street,
go straight across and at the NEXT intersection, Veterans
Highway or West Point Highway, make a LEFT
-You will reach the first police guardpost, after that you will go straight to
a second guardpost, AFTER THAT go straight and at the stop sign take the first right onto
Williams Road , slowly go down the hill and cross over the railroad tracks on right and
then proceed straight up along the riverside to the last building on the left, that is the
BOATHOUSE (see photo above)                                                                                                           Drive time from Kingston:  1 hour 15 minutes

You will also need to sign a waiver to enter the boathouse.  Print this waiver out,
sign and bring with  you.                                                                                      
                                                                                                                                                   West Point Rowing Waiver


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