Waivers & Insurance Coverage

2018 USRowing Insurance

The United States Rowing Association is the national governing body for the sport of rowing in the United States, as defined in the United States Amateur Sports Act of 1978.  US Rowing was founded in 1872 as the National Association of Amateur Oarsmen, the first national sports governing body, and became the United States Rowing Association in 1981 to reflect the broad purposes of the organization. The Rondout Rowing Club is covered by the 2018 USRowing Insurance program.

ANYBODY USING OUR BOATS MUST join or renew a membership and sign a waiver  with USRowing. every spring before rowing. Please see JOIN on how to do so.

Curious about what our insurance provides?  Go to the following: http://www.roehrs.com/roehrsusrowinginsuranceprogram for an online description of USRowing coverage, certificate requests and other insurance information.

2018-waiver  Paper waiver can ONLY be used for a one time event, NOT for club members.

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