Waiver Problems

The club spends a very large sum of money to insure our rowers but we must have an “accurate” online roster to validate the  insurance.   Please register and do your waiverYou should not be rowing if you have not registered and waivered.  The instructions are below.
TO REGISTER go to https://www.regattacentral.com/ .  Then, click on “Clubs”  at the top, then scroll down to “Rondout Rowing Club” and click on that.   If you have problems with registering through Regatta   contact Traci Stocker at traci@regattacentral.com
or call her at +1 614.360.2922 ext. 104
TO SIGN THE WAIVER you must be a member of USRowing. Basic Membership can be had by simply signing up and doing the waiver (fee is $5.75).  Here is the link:  https://membership.usrowing.org/
Remember our club code is: MRLHA.
If you have had a problem registering with USRowing or doing your Waiver, please send an email to  members@usrowing.org or call (800) 314-4ROW (4769) or 
(609) 751-0700 with an explanation of what you are trying to do and the results you are having.  If you can, please send a screen print of the messages you are getting so that they can  figure it out.    Need more info on our insurance?  Go to this link: