Row Checklist

 Row Checklist

 Date: ______________________________   Time: _____________

 Night before:

  • 1) make sure enough gas in tank of safety launch to be used
  • 2) Charge cox box, walkie/talkies, if necessary (if two coach boats go out, they should have communications)
  • 3) check weather and tides

 Day of Row:

  • (1) Log: Enter date, time, complete list of row members
  • (2) Load in Safety Launch:   Gas, PFDs (1X each member of crew, 2 for cox to sit on, 1X each Safety Launch member), demo oar, megaphone
  • (3) Boat:     put on slings, check for loose bolts, etc. and set foot stretchers for crew
  • (4) Crew: wear socks for foot protection, carry water
  • (5) Cox: pick up “coxbox” , make sure you have cellphone, water

After Row:

  • (1)Wipe down boat  and return all equipment used to storage neatly
  • (2)Log: Enter any notes on equipment, etc.                                                             (3) If time permits, discuss what went right and what went wrong with the row (we want to make each row better than the last)

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