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2016 Season

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2015 Season

The Learn-to-Row program consists of three parts:  First, an evening at the Kingston YMCA from 5:30pm to around 7:00pm.  There you will take a short class on using the rowing  machines or “ergs”, to introduce you to the proper way of rowing as well as engaging you in some drills.  Then you will view the USRowing  Association video on Safety in rowing.  Finally, you will have to take a swim test where you need to remain afloat for 10 minutes, swim, and be able to put on a personal flotation device while treading water.
The Second part takes place on the following  Saturday in West Point at 9am.  There you will again use the rowing  machines  to perform drills that will help further your  skill in rowing.  After the drills you will be coached on how to use the rowing tanks with the 12 foot tall oars used normally in actual rowing on the waterways.
The Third part takes place a week later on the Rondout Creek after meeting at the Hudson River Maritime  Museum at 8am.  The coaches will explain how to transport the long crew boat to the docks,  the proper way to check your position in the boat, check the boat riggers, foot locks, etc. and teach you the coxswain’s commands while on the waterway.
This year the sessions will be:
Session A: Tuesday,    June 9th,  Saturday, June 13th and  Saturday,                                 June  20,    Cost:$150.00
Session B:  Thursday,  June 11th, Saturday, June 13th and  Sunday,                                 June 21,    Cost: $150.00

Interested or if these dates don’t work for you?  Send us  an email at and we can work out a plan to get you on the water asap.
In a rush  to sign up?  Go to  , scroll down to  “Rondout Rowing Club” and click on that.
Or contact us through Facebook! (link above right)
We look forward to hearing from you!


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