Mills Mansion Row, Sat. Aug 27th, 7am

This is a longstanding MHRA tradition, with the exception of last year, and the very few number of times cancelled due to weather or inadequate #’s of rowers.  It’s open to all members.  We can row an eight from our docks to the Mills Mansion beach area next to what they call the “Powerhouse”.   We will join the MHRA for a potluck riverside breakfast at the picnic area around the Powerhouse.  Spoiler alert:  this is really fun!  (NOTE:  This is a very long row and can be strenuous.  Sign up if you feel you are able to row for several hours on the Hudson River).

We can only row one eight per safety launch and right now we only have the Polar Kraft which is waiting on a motor repair.  Please let us know if you are interested by replying to this message below.  (This way we can see who is going and we can monitor any updates to the event.)

Hope to see you there!