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POSTED JUNE 29, 2017
H     E     A     D     L     I     N     E     S
1.   Final Coached Row tonight June 29th 2017
See Options for newbies after tonight


3.  Sculling Clinic begins Jully 11th and 13th.  See details below

4.  General Membershiip Meeting, Wed. 6pm, Aug. 9,  2017, place TBD

5.  Workbee Saturday 10am, Aug. 12, 2017

D     E     T     A     I     L     S
1.   Newbies are welcomed in the Sculling Clinic at no extra charge.  This is a good way
to get enough practice to be welcomed in the regular rows.  Check the details in 3. below.

2. Row will be at 8am on Tuesday JULY 4th; Followed by a pot-luck party at Cynthia’s at 11:00am
Send email to Michael at  if you would like to join in the fun.

3.  The Sculling Clinic is 4 sessions for $25 for members and $50 for non-members (ie, if you belong
to another club or you did not join this year but have been a member in the past and want to
do a little sculling practice with us).
You sign up for 4 Tuesdays or 4 Thursdays.  They are Tue July 11, 18, 25, Aug 1
or Thu July 13, 20, 27, Aug 3rd
The time will be from 5:30pm to 7pm OR  7pm to 8:30pm.
If you come at 5:30pm you will help set up the 4 singles boats.
If you come at 7pm you will stay until the boats are put away.
You should spend about an hour practicing on the water.

So far Eve (THU) , Marty(TUE)  and Liz(THU)  have signed up.  Please let me know which day and time you will
be coming.  See Schedules page to sign up è  Tuesdays     and      Thursdays     or
send email to

PLEASE WATCH THE FOLLOWING VIDEOS BEFORE COMING:  (6 mins 52 secs)  (6 mins 43 secs)   (4 mins 47 secs)   :   (5 mins 48 secs)

4.  General Meeting:  We will be discussing 2017 results, volunteering, dues, new officers needed in 2018 and
work to be done during Saturday’s workbee.

5.  Workbee:  Everyone, especially coaches, need to discuss the work that needs to be done in detail.  We

should have a list to present by the time the General Meeting happens.
POSTED June 1, 2017

For those who have volunteered and those who may be thinking of volunteering this weekend:
Friday night, June 2nd “History of Rowing” Documentary Showing

Bring change for sales of items ( $30 worth: 2X$10, 10X$1 )
Set up merchandise and refreshments tables
set up viewer chairs
set up DVD video and test

So far I have (Please try to come at 6-6:30pm)


Saturday, June 3rd, National Learn to Row Day, 9am to 4pm

Joey – most of day
Maureen  ?
Dale ?
Karin ?
Anezka – most of day
Sara   -most of  day
Margo ?
Helen  – most of day
Linda ?
Bill – all day
Tim = all day
Nelsie  – all day
Diana – after Poughkeepsie regatta
JoAnn  ?

Work will consist of:
Make sure Safety Launch has gas
Put life jackets into Safety Launch
Get stones to hold down flyers
Set up area at picnic tables (half for us, half for KHS Crew)
Tack laminated sheets on picnic tables for guests to read
Set up canopies for cover of erg machines
Put up National Learn to Row Day banner
Put up Rondout Rowing Club banner
Get set of oars
Walk boat to dock
Rig boats with oars
Set up sign in sheets
getting people to fill out and sign waivers
Tell guests about public toilets (only ones available to us now
unless we get clearance from HRMM —)
teaching people about rowing (see brochures)
teaching people about the club and our mission and purpose (see sheets)
Giving out our website address (brochures)
teaching people on the rowing machine (see laminated sheets)
taking people out in an 8+
help people into boats (foot stretchers)
photo and video taping of event
piloting coach boat
Wiping down boat
Returning oars, life vests to barn
Returning boat to barn (KHS Crew may be able to help)

POSTED May 29th, 2017
HEADLINES =====================================================
1.  Thursday, June 1st, 3pm, Kingston High School Crew Regatta at Kingston
2.  Safety Launch has arrived in NJ and should be in our creek next Wed-Thu 3.  Friday, June 2nd, 7pm, Showing of Documentary The History of Rowing on the Hudson 4.  Saturday, June 3rd, 9am-4pm, National Learn to Row Day 5. Volunteering chart updates


1.  The high school crew is coming up on the last week of regattas.  They have done very well and the parents have done an amazing job supporting them.  Please try to come out and watch them win a few sculling medals!

2.  The Carolina Skiff we ordered will arrive some time Wednesday.
We then need to procure registration and put the ID on the boat.
Better late than never, I guess.  The dealer said the boating season has gone ballistic after a very long dry spell.  Other customers are being asked to wait until August for their boats.  So we can be happy we can at least enjoy it this summer!

3.  Those of you who volunteered to help with the Friday night event of the showing of the documentary.  Thank you!  If at all possible we should try to sell anything we can so– tee-shirts, tumblers, patches, and refreshments can be sold. If you feel so inclined I think chocolate brownies, coffee, iced tea, popcorn, whatever is simple and can be sold for $1.00 to $2.00 should go well.  We are a finnicky kind of folk.  I would appreciate any ideas on this.  Thanks.

4. Saturday NLTR Day volunteers please arrive early.  We can set up a couple of ergs to train those who will venture on the crew boats for a ride.
And hopefully get an 8+ boat in the water and rigged up ready to go.
(Note the high school crew will have their final regatta in Poughkeepsie on Saturday—so they will have some of our boats/oars).
As soon as we fill an 8+ we will take off.  ALSO the museum shipwrights will be offering rides on the John Magnus (four sweep oars and coxswain) so that folks can have a “historic” rowinng experience.  IF, and this is a big IF, they can get their second wooden whitehall-like boat on the water, we can have our own regatta:  museum against RRC members.
Hopefully some of you will be up to the challenge.

IF YOU HAVE CANOPIES please bring them.  We need cover to be able to sit in the sun all day AND we have to save some room for the high school kids to put their backpacks when they return from Poughkeepsie (1 – 2pm?) the same as last year.. They will re-rig the boats they used then and the event guests can see how that is done.

Thanks to all those who have already completed their 12 hours.  And thank you to those who have indicated when they can help this week.
As school hours finish I hope more folks can help us out.  We hope that the 6 people who went through LTR at West Point will join us soon.
I will post Coached Rows dates after this week.  Enjoy your rows this week!!!
<see attached picture>
POSTED May 9, 2017
1Board & Coaches Meeting is MOVED TO Tuesday, May 9th

2KHS Crew Regattas this weekend, Fri, Sat (both Poughkeepsie) and Sun (West Point)

3 LTR Informational is Mon., May 15th

4 LTR West Point is Sat, May 20th

5 History of Rowing on the Hudson is Fri, June 2nd

6 National Learn to Row Day is Sat., June 3rd

1.            Board & Coaches Meeting is MOVED TO Tuesday, May 9, at 6pm

Let me know if you can/cannot make it.  Also, if you want to address the board

please let me know.

3.            LTR Informational is Mon., May 15th, 6pm

This is the event that you probably attended before you became a rower.  Please

join and participate in this event to invite new rowers into the club.

Here is the link to that event:

Member participation counts towards 12 hours of volunteering.

A flyer is available for printout—see attached.

4.            LTR West Point is Sat, May 20th, 9am

This is where we train new rowers and could use a few volunteers to help fill out

with demos, etc.   Member participation counts towards 12 hours of volunteering.

5.            History of Rowing on the Hudson is Fri, June 2nd

We would like to make this a fundraiser.  We can sell merchandise and food.  If you want to

help please let us know.  Member participation counts towards 12 hours of volunteering.

Our friends from the MHRA will be there.  Come out and join in the fun!

6.            National Learn to Row Day is Sat., June 3rd, 9am-4pm

This is an event to raise awareness of rowing and the club and to share with friends and family

what it is like to row.  Again member participation counts towards 12 hours of volunteering.