Credo & Principles

KHS Varsity Crew Credo

We will make sure that everything we do or say will reflect only favorably upon ourselves, our teammates, our coaches, and Kingston High School.

We will treat our minds and bodies with respect in a fashion consistent with our role as members of the Kingston High School Varsity Crew and as a Student Athlete.

We will treat our associates with our highest respect. When we have a difficulty with anyone or with how the program is run, we will resolve it directly with the person involved or with a KHS Varsity Crew Coach.

We hold ourselves to these goals with the understanding that no person is perfect.

KHS Varsity Crew Principals

 Work Hard – Apply ourselves

  1. Have fun – the harder we work, the more fun we have
  2. Develop Consistency
  3. Demonstrate Respect
  4. Find Balance/Prioritize
  5. Care for each other
  6. Have High Expectations and Standards
  7. Maintain Passion for our Sport

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