KHS Crew

Head Coach:  Scott Johnson

The Kingston High School Varsity Crew was founded by the Rondout Rowing Club in 2000. The scholastic program teaches focus, responsibility and integrity in being part of a rowing crew. The crew competes with many high schools on the  Hudson River and in the Hudson Valley Rowing League throughout April and May.

Late Summer 2020 RRC Youth Rowing Program 

Purpose:  Provide rowing activity to High School Students who may have planned to row competitively in the spring of 2020 but where not afforded the opportunity.  To provide rowing to experienced rowers encouraging them to improve their rowing through sharing skills and knowledge with inexperienced rowers under the guidance of Coaches.

Program Dates:  Monday 9/14 through Friday 9/18  3:30 – 5:30 PM

Cost:  All participants must be RRC members ($25 for KHS students and $50 for non-KHS HS students.  All must register online at Regatta Central and complete US Rowing waiver.  Program cost is $150 for the week.  Checks payable to “Rondout Rowing Club”.

Format:  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – Novice Introduction to rowing.  Coaches and experienced rowers will work with Novices sharing knowledge, technique and culture.

Thursday and Friday:  Novices and Experienced rowers participate in “Varsity” style practice.

Day 1:  Safety Video, Boat Parts and Terms, Erging, Safety Equipment Protocols, Unracking, Launching and Racking.

Day 2:  Basic drills on water.  Novices in boats with experienced rowers.

Day 3:  Repeat Day 2 and add sustained steady state rowing.

Day 4 and 5:  “Normal” varsity style practice

Coaching Staff:  Scott Johnson US Rowing Level II, Nate Horowitz US Rowing Level I,  Cybill Smith US Rowing Level I, Sean Donoghue US Rowing Level I, Ethan Parks, Sheila Wise US Rowing Level I.



If you would like to participate in the Club’s other rows (beyond KHS Crew) go to Schedule or look at the posts on the righthand side of the website to RECENT POSTS to see when folks are going out and email the person in charge of any particular row.  Questions? Email us:
HVRL Regatta Schedule
Crew Credo and Principles
Summer Rowing Requirements

2 Responses to KHS Crew

  1. There is a Late Summer 2020 RRC Youth Rowing Program
    Program Dates: Monday 9/14 through Friday 9/18 3:30 – 5:30 PM


  2. Erin Colclough says:

    Just wondering if you are still running this rowing camp?


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