Additional Videos

USRowing videos (with list of skills each shows)
Sculling (an academy in England)
Coxing (narration by Mary Whipple)
Basic Rowing Technique (on rowing machine)
The Drive: a Documentary about Vespoli & History of Rowing
Women’s Gold 8+ 2012 London
Men’s US Rowing Team Training at Dartmouth College
Team USA at Princeton, NJ
New technology boat  EDON TS515 Training Scull
Ancient Trireme Olympias
2014 C.R.A.S.H.-B. World Indoor Rowing Championship
Boys in the Boat team practice
Head Of The Charles Regatta – Official Coxswain Video
Rowers Don’t Wear Life Jackets
Drone video
 Cold Water Facts
Sculling Technique


Mahe Drysdale in Rio 2016
Obreno vs Drysdale Race in Henley 2016

Henley 2016

Historic Footage                                                                                                                       Practice for the Boys in the Boat

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