Escorted Tours

Escorted eight-mile row along the Rondout Creek, from the docks at 50 Rondout Landing up to the lighthouse and then back south pass Gumeau Island down to the Eddyville Bridge and back.
By appointment only.
See map here.
Our coaches will outfit and guide you all the way.
You must be 12 years or older (parent must be with you if you are 18 years or younger), sign a waiver and know how to swim.  You also need to know how to row—that is, you rowed in high school or college or are a member of another rowing club.
To register, go to, at the top of the screen click on “clubs”, then scroll down to the Rondout Rowing Club, click on that, and go to “trip fees”, click on “Private Escorted Sculling Excursions”.  Minimum fee is $200.  Fees are as follows:
$200 for one to two persons:
-Can be two singles or a double, sculling ability required, of course.
$400 for three or four persons:
-Can be three singles (very limited selection of boats), or a double and a single or a quad, sculling ability required
$Negotiable for 5 plus rowers:
-We may need volunteers to crew any boat that is not a complete 8+
Whenever coach AND coxswain is necessary additional fees apply.
Leave a message below and we will call you back to coordinate the row and all necessary equipment and personnel.