Mission and Purpose of the club

The mission of the Rondout Rowing Club is to maintain an active, diverse membership who act as ambassadors of the sport of rowing and its many benefits in the city of Kingston and surrounding communities by providing education, fostering partnerships and increasing awareness of the unique natural resources of the Hudson River and Rondout Creek, while conducting activities to support this mission.
A) To encourage and support a healthy lifestyle through the development of crew rowing programs, including physical fitness as well as life-skills’ benefits realized in participating in a team sport including respect, cooperation, collaboration, tolerance, self-discipline, humility, and confidence.
B)       To organize and support programs which focus on participation, retention, performance and improvement in rowing, and potentially allow crew teams from the Rondout Rowing Club to compete against teams within and beyond New York State.
C)       To provide coaching and equipment to the membership as well as educating youth and adults with varied levels of skill and physical fitness; to provide an opportunity to row  and learn about the fundamentals of rowing technique, etiquette, teamwork, safety and sportsmanship.
D)      To foster and sustain the appreciation and stewardship of our rowing water resources and to specifically advocate for the protection of the environmental and recreational integrity of the Rondout Creek and the Hudson River so that succeeding generations of rowers may be able to continue to safely experience the exhilaration and joy of rowing.
E) To help to foster sustainable redevelopment of the Rondout Waterfront into a water-oriented tourist destination.
F)   To be active in the community, not only to contribute as a viable part of that community but also to participate in community outreach through programs designed to reach a diverse spectrum of the public, including low-income and “at risk” youth among others.
G)        To foster partnerships with other groups, such as the Hudson River Maritime Museum, Kingston School District, and other rowing clubs, to further pursue these objectives.
H)      To seek charitable contributions from public and private sources to carry out the mission, these purposes, support the club, and the community..

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