To join a row you must become a member of the Rondout Rowing Club (See JOIN) or, if visiting for that row, pay a guest fee of $25. You will need to sign a USRowing waiver online (cost $9.75).

Please arrive 15 minutes before a row is scheduled, as a courtesy to the other rowers and the organizers.

For the 2018 rowing season:
  • For all updates or changes to the rowing schedule, please check NEWS AND POSTS to right.
  • Weekday mornings, Monday through Friday, there is a 6 AM row. If you would like to be on the list to receive daily emails regarding the row the following day, contact Bill at
  • Weekend mornings, there is a row at 8 AM both Saturday and Sunday. If you would like to get on the weekend email list and/or row on a particular day, contact Tim at
  • While afternoon rows are regularly scheduled for the following, be sure to check the website for updates and for other days and times under NEWS AND POSTS
    • Monday 5:30 PM – Michael Beames, organizer. Just show up.
    • Tuesday 5:30 PM – There is no regular row scheduled for Tuesday, but sometimes a group will organize. Contact Julie at to see if anything is in the works.
    • Wednesday 5:30 PM – Julie Lennon, organizer, at
    • Thursday 5:30 PM – COACHED ROW for novices and anyone who is interested. Contact Carlos at if you intend to join.

To find out more about the rowing schedule or events, check NEWS AND POSTS or email

15 Responses to Schedule

  1. Muffin Johnson says:

    Saturday 9/15. 6:15-8 am. Linda and Muffin in double


  2. Diana kuster says:

    Are there any rows scheduled for Rosa hoshana weekend Saturday Sunday or Monday?


  3. Diana kuster says:

    I would like to row on Monday of Labor Day. Do I need to. Contact Michael? I don’t see his phone number or email anywhere. Would someone please call/text me 845-943-9271?


  4. Muffin says:

    Monday 9/03. 6:15am-8. Swift double reserved for Linda and Muffin.


  5. hulal says:

    Swift double reserved for Linda & Muffin


  6. Muffin Johnson says:

    Swift double reserved Saturday 8/25 at 6:15-8 am for Linda and Muffin


  7. Carlos Perez says:

    Row tonight 8/9/18 at 5:30pm. Email and let me know if you are attending.


  8. hulal says:

    Linda M and Muffin will have the Swift double out Sunday, August 5 from 6:15 to 8am.


  9. Carlos Perez says:

    Hi folks sorry for the late notice but I am going to have to cancel today’s row. I’m unavailable tonight. I will post regarding next Thursday’s row. Thanks for your understanding



  10. Muffin says:

    Double reserved for 6:16 a.m. on Sunday 7/29/18 by Linda and Muffin


  11. hulal says:

    Go Carlos! Go Nelsie!


  12. Carlos Perez says:

    Hi Folks,
    Just wanted to send a message to let you know that I will be racing the matrix at the overpeck sprints tomorrow in New Jersey. I plan on rowing this afternoon and loading the boat and returning it either tomorrow night or Sunday morning. I’m racing in two events at 8:12AM and then again at 4:30 PM. Nelsie will also be racing in her boat. Wish us luck and Go RRC!!!! any questions feel free to email me at

    Carlos Perez


  13. Diana kuster says:

    I would like to row this morning 8 am if there is room


  14. hulal says:

    Double reserved for Saturday 7/14 6:15 AM for Linda and Muffin.


  15. Linda Moriarty says:

    Double reserved for 6am Sunday July 8 by Muffin and Linda


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