Bocce Saturday noon- 4.00pm ish

So far the following have signed up; Nelsie & Anezka, Helen, Linda & Mark, Marty & Linda, Michael & Sara & Denney & Annette.

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5 Responses to Bocce Saturday noon- 4.00pm ish

  1. Michael Beames says:

    The gate is open behind the pavillion– arranged with K.R.Dept for this and bathrooms will be open.We will have 2 courts to play on– 10′ shorter than last year — makes it easier and more competitive . We have plenty of chairs/beer and coffee. Lets play bocce!


  2. Michael Beames says:

    Tim & Mona are joining us!


  3. Michael Beames says:

    Margo added in.


  4. Michael Beames says:

    great Dale.


  5. Dale Sutton says:

    Yes for me too.

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