Monday Night Row July 17th 5.30pm

Monday night Row July 17th 5.30pm . Sign up on web page or Good chance of thunderstorms so watch for cancellation by 4.30pm or earlier.

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7 Responses to Monday Night Row July 17th 5.30pm

  1. Michael Beames says:

    Marty added in — I will cox an 8.


  2. Marty Schiff says:

    Michael–You now have 8. Port seating preferred.–Marty


  3. Michael Beames says:

    Anezka signed up — I will bow cox an 8 again.Spent 2 hours mowing and weed-whacking this morning so don’t need more exercise.


  4. Michael Beames says:

    As of 11.00am we are: Michael, Francesca, Cynthia, Margo, Moe, Maureen & Don. No working 4’s so we will be sculling or I will cox 8 with power seats empty.


  5. Michael Beames says:

    Great Margo.


  6. Margo says:

    Margo also


  7. Michael Beames says:

    Michael, Cynthia & Francesca as of Sunday morning.


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