Congratulations to KHS Crew

I want to congratulate the Kingston High School Crew
and the coaches for an incredible season. To the graduating
class I tip my hat and will miss you very much as I have been
around the rowing docks for the past four years you have
been in high school and I have been president for about that
long. I know many of you by name and I have found you
all to be exemplary citizens of the community, your school
and the crew. I especially enjoyed the encounters we had
on National Learn to Row Day. Sharing your joy at the end
of the season and more especially this past Saturday when
your parents joined us in crew boats to experience rowing.
I felt like I was in Disney World and this was the best ride
invented. Our senior coach Bill Cote said adamantly “all
parents should row with their kids”! I concur! And I hope
you will row this summer and will post on your Facebook
how you can do that for a modest amount of money.
You are an incredible group of young people and every
member of our club that has been in your presence
has been thoroughly impressed. Best of luck in your
future endeavors!
Nelsie Aybar-Grau, President
Rondout Rowing Club

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