KHS Varsity Rowing Press Release

Scott Johnson
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KHS Varsity Rowers Medal at HVRL Sweep Championship
KHS Rowers sent 4 of 5 boats competing in the HVRL Sweep Championship to the Finals on Saturday. Those crews accounted for a Gold Medal, Silver Medal and two Bronze Medals.
In the heats, the Boy’s 4+ captured Gold, the Girl’s 8 took Silver and the Boy’s 8 and Girl’s Lightweight (LW) 4+ took Bronze. The Girl’s 8 came away with a Bronze medal in the Finals while the Boy’s4+ came in 4th and the Girl’s LW 4+ and Boy’s 8 each finished in 6th place in their respective finals.
The Girl’s 8, coxswain Arlo Stone and rowed by: Stroke- captain Julia Wolf, Agnes Anderson, captain Karlee North, Bailey Shaffer, Katherine Kuster, Taylor Robey, Jordan Sleight and MacKenzie DerCola. Anderson, North, Shaffer, Kuster, Robey, and DerCola were rowing their last Regatta as they are graduating seniors.
The Boy’s 4+, coxed by senior Sarah West was rowed by, Stroke-Brendan Jaeger, Ryan North, senior captain Joshua Shafran and Cameron Fairley.
The Girl’s LW 4+ was coxed by Mealea VanDeBerg and was rowed by: stroke-Olivia VanPelt, Faye Higgins, Julie Lasher and Jillian Goralewski.
The Boy’s 8, coxswain senior Danielle Wolf had a crew of: stroke-Liam Mabey, Hunter Williams, Conor Whittington-Couse, Jose Torres, Jordan Hulbert, Joseph Lynch, Liam Hutton and Jacob Kirschner. Mabey, Williams, Whitting-Couse, Torres and Lynch are graduating Seniors.
Shafran, Anderson and Lynch plan to go on to row collegiately in the 2017-2018 school year.
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