Nelsie Aybar-Grau sent you an eCrumb message from the Road ID App

The following eCrumb message was sent to you by Nelsie Aybar-Grau via the Road ID Mobile App:

"Rowing on the Rondout Creek"

You can track me here:

What’s an eCrumb? An eCrumb (electronic breadcrumb) is a message that is sent by a user of the Road ID App. eCrumbs can be sent via email or text message to selected family members and friends whenever the App user heads outdoors for an adventure (run, ride, hike, walk, etc). The eCrumb allows selected contacts to track the user’s adventure, in real time, on a map. It also has an optional “Stationary Alert” feature that can notify select contacts if the user stops moving for more than 5 minutes.

Why did I get this message? You received this message because Nelsie designated you as one of his or her contacts when sending a recent eCrumb.

What’s a Road ID? Road ID is the premier identification gear for runners, kids, cyclists, triathletes, hikers, skiers, kayakers, or anyone that doesn’t spend all of their time on the couch. Our line of personalized IDs can be worn on the wrist, shoe, ankle or around the neck. Learn more at

Want to know more about the App? Go to, the App Store, or Google Play.

Be safe out there,

Edward Wimmer
Road ID
800-345-6336 |

Why we do what we do:
“EMTs had to use my Road ID…twice”

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