2017 Coached Rows Plus Membership

If you are here it is because you have completed the 2017 Learn to Row curriculum including the Water Session AND you have passed the swim requirement (contact Naisha Scott at nscott@ymcaulster.org).

In order to participate in the Coached Rows program and become a member of the club do the following:

First Register as a member of the Rondout Rowing Club.
A. Go to RegattaCentral.com
B. At the top, click on “clubs”
C. Scroll down and click on “Rondout Rowing Club”
D. Then click on “Memberships”
E. Select “Coached Rows plus Membership”.  The cost is $200.

Second, you need to be a member of USRowing
A. Go to www.membership.usrowing.org
B. Click on the “Individuals” box .
C. Click on the “Join” button and follow the prompts to join with a basic membership which will cost $7.75.  Our club code is MRLHA.
D. Then go back into the same link and click on the “members” drop down link.
E. Click on “Sign Waiver”. Follow the prompts to do your waiver. They may ask a lot of
technical rowing questions. This is just a poll to see how much people know about rowing. You will not be graded.

That’s it!   Now go to the Schedule and let us know when you can come for a coached row.



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