Mills Mansion Row is on Saturday, Aug 27th

Mills Mansion Row is on Saturday, Aug 27th (rain date Sunday, Aug 28th)

(If you plan to attend, please contact Helen at )

So far we have:   Eve, Nelsie, Anezka,  Helen (port) , Margo, Karin, Tim, Tom, Francesca (starboard),  Marty, Linda M (scull only – one way), Michael (maybe)

Note it will be rough going down but nice returning during the first half of the return.

Original post below==================>

MidHudson Rowing has received final approval to hold the traditional Mills’ row once again. This is a fun time to meet and share a meal with fellow rowers from MHRA, and to enjoy a longer row with your comrades from RRC. Let’s return to the Mansion!

The row is on for Saturday, August 27th, rain date the 28th. Therefore, your commitment needs either to span both dates, or, be coordinated with someone who will cover your seat if you can’t be there on Sunday.

Please arrive by 6:15 for a 6:45am departure from our docks.  We will rendezvous with our Poughkeepsie friends at Mills at 8:45am, wading through the water when we land to sling our boats.  The row is approximately 2 hours one way and can be somewhat strenuous but we do take plenty of breaks.  If you wish to row one way only, please find someone who will take your seat on the return trip while you drive their car back from Mills.


a solid commitment from at least 8 rowers and a cox (but wouldn’t it be fun if we had enough people for a small regatta?!)
a safety launch driver
a person to drive our potluck items to and from the site (a one way rower could possibly return with that person)

water shoes (remember we wade boats up to shore)
extra socks
water, sunscreen
dress for the weather for that day (hat? layers?)
pot luck food
If you plan to attend, please contact Helen at no later than Wednesday, Aug 24th. Indicate if you have a physical need for port or starboard,  so we can configure accordingly.

All aboard!

Tides for Aug. 27, 2016
Kingston Point, Hudson River, New York
41.9333° N, 73.9667° W

2016-08-27 Sat 4:20 AM EDT 0.4 feet Low Tide
2016-08-27 Sat 6:16 AM EDT Sunrise
2016-08-27 Sat 9:57 AM EDT 3.7 feet High Tide
2016-08-27 Sat 4:27 PM EDT 0.3 feet Low Tide
2016-08-27 Sat 7:36 PM EDT Sunset
2016-08-27 Sat 10:23 PM EDT 4.3 feet High Tide


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