Moonlight row FINAL CALL

Moonlight Row July 17, 2016
Rowers Club Side Eden Heavy Trinity Medium Mike Smith Medium
1st 8+ 1st 8+ 2nd 8+ 3rd 8+
Hai Longworth MHRA Either C
Jeff Koren MHRA Port S
Chris Cline MHRA Starboard 7
Marty RRC Port 6
Glen Biggs MHRA Either 5
Julie Biggs MHRA Either 4
Patrick Ladd MHRA Either 3
Jamie RRC Either 2
Michael RRC Starboard 1

2nd 8+
Nelsie RRC C
Anezka RRC Either S
Liza Kealty MHRA Either 7
Ashley Donoghue MHRA Port 6
Margrethe Mummert MHRA Either 5
Evan Donoghue MHRA Port 4
Dorothy Martinez MHRA Starboard 3
Vic Natasi MHRA Either 2
Brandi Suffecool MHRA Starboard 1

3rd 8+
Marc Haber MHRA Either C out
Anita MHRA Either S (Cox in)
Jonathan MHRA Starboard 7
Edward MHRA Port 6
Francesca RRC Starboard 5
Maureen RRC Port 4
Andrea MHRA Either 3
Janet MHRA Port 2
Barbara Antwarg MHRA Starboard 1

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