Thu 6/9/16: 6am and 5:30pm Coached Row

Tim, Tom, Linda M., Jack,  John, Bill, Betsy
51 degrees;     Partly cloudy;      Wind 6 mph W

2016-06-09 Thu  5:20 AM EDT   Sunrise
2016-06-09 Thu  5:25 AM EDT    4.4 feet  High Tide
2016-06-09 Thu 12:06 PM EDT   -0.1 feet  Low Tide
2016-06-09 Thu  6:12 PM EDT    3.9 feet  High Tide
2016-06-09 Thu  8:30 PM EDT   Sunset

5:30pm Coached Row
69 degrees;     Partly Cloudy;        Wind 20 mph WNW

Please note that Wed and Fri eves will have sculling.
Check the website Recent Posts for confirmation of any row.
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