NOT all boats have been rigged and some MAY have been improperly rigged. The barn is very cluttered and covered with sawdust so it makes moving about the barn uncomfortable.

However, there are enough boats rigged to allow for some excursions as long as they do not interfere with the high school crew training. Make a point to arrive early and help with cleaning around the boats and maybe rigging some of them. NOTE: it is possible that some riggers are missing or mis-labeled, so you have to check things out on slings before venturing out on the water.

Remember to renew your membership and sign waivers (PS. waivers are now $5.75 through USRowing—sorry about that we cannot control this—-pss. my auto insurance ALSO went up, arrgh!)

Keep an eye on the “Recent Posts” on the right side of our website home page http://www.rondoutrowingclub.org . In future all announcements from the club will be posted there to reduce the number of messages sent out to the membership. If you prefer to continue to receive email messages you can go to the website homepage and click on the “Follow” button on the bottom right hand corner, then every post will land in your email box until you “unfollow” the site at your discretion.

Thanks for your support!



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