How to join the Drills Practice at West Point April 30th 2016

All Rondout Rowing Club members and those who have previously rowed with other clubs may join us Saturday, April 30th 2016 at the West Point Boat house at 9am for a set of drills practices intended to prepare you for the 2016 season.  Many of you may have just begun rowing last year or you want to “shore” up your skills so that you can feel confident while on the water.
Go to
Click on “clubs” at the top
Then scroll to “Rondout Rowing Club”
Click on the “Other” tab
Then Click on “Drills Practice at West Point”
If you were not a member of the Rondout Rowing Club last year you will need to become a member of RegattaCentral (ie USRowing)—as a “basic” member (which is FREE).  You will need to fill out data to provide contact info.
Remember, there are only 16 seats and as the date approaches the seats will disappear  quickly (I hope!).  So join up soon, its only $25.
If you have problems, please let us know a.s.a.p. so that we can help you or fix the problem.
Nelsie Aybar-Grau, President
Rondout Rowing Club
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