Agenda for General Meeting on December 7, 2016

Rondout Rowing Club
Monday, December 7th , 2015
Church des Artistes, 79 Wurts St

Our Mission: The Mission of the Rondout Rowing Club is to maintain an active, diverse membership who act as ambassadors of the sport of rowing and its many benefits in the city of Kingston and surrounding communities by providing education, fostering partnerships and increasing awareness of the unique natural resources of the Hudson River and Rondout Creek, while conducting activities to support this mission.

Sell some tee-shirts, tumblers, decals
Recap of 2015 Events

January   Erg clinic
February  SLAM CITY in Philadelphia
March       Dinner at Savonna’s
St Patrick’s Day Parade
KHS Silent Auction
Money Received for new 8+ from KHS
Money Received for new 8+ from Hudson River Fund
We purchase new Vespoli 8+ (the Rhino)
April      West Point warm-up session for members
May        LTR Informational
June       Moonlight Cruise
New Docks arrive at HRMM
July      Coached Rows
Weekend LTR
New Erg purchase to YMCA
Aug      Welcome NEW MEMBERS !!!
Kelly Ambrosch
Rachel Anderson
Roxanne Blanchard
Coleen Duffy
Cindy Flamenhaft
Mary Ann Forgey
Marilyn Halpin
Diana Kuster
Margo McGilvrey
Maureen Morrow
Lois Saff
Carol Schindler
Barbara Smiley
Barbara Swift
Natasha Williams
Zali Win

September ???
October  West Point QUAD bid wins
Sojourner Truth Row
November   Erg clinic
Bocce Fun!
Eve Lewars completed Boating Safety Course!
December  USRowing Annual Convention – Level I Course

Toast by Tom (Good-bye 2015, see you in 2016)
How to keep up with RRC, website, Follow +

Down to business!

Treasury –
Account Balance $6,872.79
Cash Flow (through Jan 2016
– $1850 USRowing,
-$1900 Leonard Insurance
-$1000 Bookkeeper fees
-$200+ or – today
new insurance to cover trailer – Tom can explain (Cost $147 ?)

Proposed Bylaws changes:
Add Community Outreach Chair to Board – Sheila
Add CTO – Chief Technology Officer (Manages Regatta, Website, Facebook
None of which are in Bylaws) – Nelsie

Equipment Chair
Coaching Chair

Equipment Issues
Results of workbees (work done, people attending)
Two pontoons approved – none purchased
How about a “swingulator”!
Opportunity (unplanned) purchase : $700 for set of used sweep oars
Set of sculling oars approved but none purchased
Oar labels to be done before April
Opportunity (unplanned) purchase: New Quad – where to put it (racks are full)
Possible new 4+ (Scott ? and Nate ? )
Tie two 4’s together and get a training boat
Barn space tidiness – life vests, tools etc. should ALWAYS be put away

Merchandising: still have tee-shirts $35, tumblers$10, decals $3
Nate Horowitz sales of boat display space (Scott ? or have Nate present?) – note Regatta regulations regarding signs on boats

Public Relations
Middle school participation, Rhinebeck club contacted – Sheila
America Rows – Sheila, Tom and Scott
Boating Safety Course – Eve Lewars completed course online! Yay!
First-Aid/CPR is now online – check our website , renewal $40

Coaching and Education –
Feb Erg program – West Point dates needed
June Learn-to-Row and Coached Rows
Summer Sculling Clinic
Dates needed for ALL programs – don’t wait until the last minute
Reminder: Coaches Corner in FAQ website
Membership –
Someone to volunteer to record volunteerism

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