Agenda for Saturday, Oct. 3, 2015 General Membership Meeting

(If you have other agenda items, please email Nelsie:

We WILL be meeting this Saturday, Oct 3rd, 10:30 am – in the Clearwater Bldg. (not at Kingston Point due to weather predictions). Bring some food to share if you can.


Saturday, Oct. 3 , 2015 10:30am

Our Mission:  The Mission of the Rondout Rowing Club is to maintain an active, diverse membership who act as ambassadors of the sport of rowing and its many benefits in the city of Kingston and surrounding communities by providing education, fostering partnerships and increasing awareness of the unique natural resources of the Hudson River and Rondout Creek, while conducting activities to support this mission.

Review of the year’s highlights Approve past gen memb meeting minutes? (if needed)

Elections: Call for nominations – officer’s terms are ending

Proposed Bylaws changes: 

Scholatstic Coaching Liaison

Club Database Mgmt

Bookkeeping and taxes need to be addressed

Treasury: acct balance, cash flow, etc.

Equipment Committee                ‘New’ boats? (Outcome of bids to West Point)

Need to sell a boat or two (which ones)

Erg Inventory at YMCA (waiting for matching machine)

Any more workbees planned?

Quad plug still missing?

Oars in spring? not now?

Planning Committee

Moving boats and docks early November or post-Thanksgiving

HRMM plan to use A&S roofing crane….we think

Ron looking for place to store docks


New tee-shirts coming!!!

Possible winter event

Public Relations

Grow the membership with youth


USRowing PASS (Peril Assessment Scoring System)

Safety Boat training course/practice, does everyone have certificate

First Aid/CPR course – Winter

Coaching and Education –              Fall and Winter Erg programs at the YMCA

USRowing Annual Convention

Membership  –

Member volunteering hours, (list of jobs, tasks needed)

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