Safety Committee Chair, Tim Moore, on the start of season

1)After a long cold winter, water temperature is a hazard so configure the boats accordingly. Consider the use of a safety boat.                                                                               2) Lighting and good visibility are still a problem for early morning rows at this time of year an headlamps should be used.                                                                                                   3) Pay attention to the tides when taking shells over the bulkhead at the HRMM. The drop at low tide can be over 5′ and caution and planning are needed to avoid injury to personel and/or damage to the shells.                                                                                                              4) All boats on the water should have a cell phone on board.                                                      5) All rowers must be register club members or guests, and waivers must be in effect.        6) Nelsie has volunteered to run a safety boat. Call her at 914-325-7184.



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